Manager Instructions

Click Here to Sign in.
The link above will take you to the SMART program, which has two sides: Managers and Employees

To enroll in SMART:
  • Click here
  • Click managers on the new screen
  • Enter your Missouri liquor license number on the pop-up screen
  • Create a username and password to access your establishments Manager Page in the future
  • Add employees

Manager Side
  • Customize policies specific to your establishment
  • Add and remove employees
  • As you enter a new employee, the program will assign a username and password for that individual to sign into SMART
  • If you enter an email address for the employee, SMART will email their username and password to them; if you do not, you will need to supply each employee with this information
  • Track employees’ progress in SMART
Employee Side
  • Location of the State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training
  • There is a test at the end of SMART that must be passed with a score of 100%
  • Bar and restaurant employees will be required to take a 10 question quiz at the end of both Module 1 and Module 2
  • Retail outlet employees will be required to take one 20 question quiz at the end of Module 3
  • Employees can take the test(s) as many times as needed in order to pass with 100%
  • Employees will be able to print off their certificate of completion at the conclusion of SMART

Note: Servers will be asked to complete a short survey the first time they begin to review the program. If they provide an email address, a follow-up survey will be emailed to them six weeks later. These surveys are completely voluntary, but will aid us in our evaluation of and future improvements to SMART.

If your establishment certifies over 80% of its staff through SMART, you will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion and a static cling sticker, both of which display the fact that your establishment values responsible alcohol serving practices.

If you have any question or concerns regarding SMART, please contact us at 573-882-9335 or