85% of college students in the U.S report having been involved in some form of gambling and 23% report being involved on a weekly basis. 

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Rolling the Dice, Gambling with College Life PowerPoint

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While most people handle recreational gambling in a responsible and controlled manner, it can become an overwhelming addiction for many others. It is important for people to understand that gambling is not a risk-free activity and that it is becoming increasingly important to learn risk factors, warning signs and strategies to protect yourself or someone you care about. Educating consumers about gambling is vital but so is providing awareness for educators, helping professionals, organizations and communities. This website is designed for just that purpose: to provide basic information on gambling behavior to students and important gatekeepers in our communities and colleges. Reducing risk factors and practicing responsible behavior are essential to maintaining and achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

This resource was developed by the Wellness Resource Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia and Missouri Partners in Prevention, a statewide coalition dedicated to reducing high risk and underage use of alcohol by Missouri’s college students. The University of Missouri-Columbia has received a grant from the Port Authority, Kansas City, MO - Problem Gaming Fund.