Scope of the Problem

  1. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students, and almost 1,100 suicides are projected to occur on campuses this year.
  2. Over half of college students reported some form of suicidal thinking in their lives.
  3. 18% of undergraduates and 15% of graduate students reported they had 'seriously considered attempting suicide.'
  4. 1 in 12 college students reported having a suicide plan in the prior year.
  5. 8% of undergraduates and 5% of graduate students reported having attempted suicide at least once during their lives.
  6. 40% of students reported knowing someone who attempted suicide, 28% have known someone who completed suicide.
  7. Students reported reasons for feeling suicidal including depression, trouble with relationships, stress, hopelessness, family problems, anxiety, and social isolation.

To learn more about the prevalence of suicide on both national and local levels, visit the National Institute of Mental Health or the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.