Wellness Resource Center
Wellness Resource Center

ART: Achieving Resiliency Together

For many college students, conflict can create a realm of seemingly inescapable anxiety and confusion. ART is here to provide useful techniques for healthy coping to build resiliency for when the going gets tough.

There are many ART forms! Here are some examples of ways you can deal with the conflicts of adulthood. Life can be difficult, but ART has your back.


The ART of Sleeping

The National Sleep Foundation states that for young adults (ages 18-25) the optimal amount of sleep per night lies in the 7-9 hour range. Sleeping is responsible for many important biological regulatory functions including hormone regulation, memory consolidation, energy conservation, and all major restorative and rejuvenating processes that allow us to wake up feeling like you can take on the world. If you're looking to catch a quick nap on campus, the Wellness Resource Center has couches available from 8AM-5PM! Learn more about sleep here!

The ART of Mindfulness

Mindfulness can improve objectivity, self-control, and emotional intelligence, as well as cultivate a positive life outlook promoting empathetic development. Practicing mindfulness increases the ability to relate to others with kindness, acceptance and compassion. There are many resources on campus to help you develop mindfulness techniques! Check out these helpful videos brought to you by the Student Health Center to get started.

The ART of Healthy Coping Mechanisms

After leaving home, traumatic events can leave college students confused about how to deal with life events. The temptation to participate in harmful activities to mend the pain can be overwhelming. The Wellness Resource Center is here to help. For guidance, give us a call or stop by G202 of the Student Center. You are not alone.

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