Wellness Resource Center
Wellness Resource Center

Don't Cancel That Class

Are you planning on canceling a class because of an important meeting or other business?
Please consider letting us make use of that valuable class time.

As you know, class time and student's attention are very valuable. If you are unable to lead a scheduled class for any reason, give us a chance to use that time and attention productively. We would be happy to come to your classroom and provide presentations on a variety of wellness topics We will work with you to determine the best need for your class situation.

The Wellness Resource Center is actively trying to reach the student community to increase awareness of important wellness issues. With presentations by trained Peer Educators and/or professional staff, we'll take any opportunity available to talk to students about topics that directly influence their academic success and everyday lives.

So don't cancel that class. We'll do our best to find a guest speaker for your class and use that time constructively. Give us a call and help us make a difference.