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Day Trips

Sometimes, you just need to escape from the load of books on your desk and emails in your inbox. Let CoMo show you his favorite getaways! Then, make a playlist and hit the road!

Eco Zipline Tours
CoMo couldn't believe it when he found this great zipline canopy tour right here in mid-Missouri! This tour zips through the treetops at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour! The course features 10 ziplines – how can you resist? Just hop in your car for a mini road trip about an hour east on I-70. Click here!

Little Dixie Lake Canoe Rental
For only $5 (cash, please!), CoMo and his friends rented a canoe on Little Dixie Lake! Just a 20-minute drive and he is out cruising on the water. Sometimes he even tries his luck at fishing. Check it out! Click here!

Katy Trail
There is not enough space here describe all of CoMo's favorite things to do on the Katy Trail, but let's start the list: ride the MKT out to the Katy trail, bike to Cooper's Landing for amazing Thai food, find the Native American petroglyphs on the bluffs, ride out to Rocheport's Trailside Café & Bike Shop, pass through the Rocheport tunnel, or take a canoe out from Mighty Mo Canoe Rental! The possibilities are endless. Use the trip planner at the awesome link below to find the perfect adventure for you! Click here!

Finger Lakes State Park
Another park filled with activities. CoMo really likes finding all the fishing holes in this lake. But he always gets drawn into the beautiful hiking and biking trails, and sometimes even decides to camp there overnight! Visit the website to explore all of the activities. Click here!

Sometimes, you just need to escape from the load of books on your desk and emails in your inbox. Let CoMo show you his favorite getaways! Then, make a playlist and hit the road!

  1. Rocheport on the Katy Trail
  2. Finger Lakes State Park
  3. Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area
  4. Pinnacles Youth Park
  5. Eco Zipline Tours
  6. Katy Trail
  7. Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival
  8. Mighty - MO Canoe and Kayak Tours

Close By

No car? No problem!! Let CoMo show you his favorite things to do in Columbia that are just a stroll away.

Check out the MKT trail for a scenic escape. You can walk, bike, hike, or jog to one of the beautiful bridges or lakes along this trail. It is located just across Providence from Mark Twain Hall. And best of all, it's FREE! Click here! or here!

Craft Studio
Feeling crafty? Looking for a DIY fix? The Craft Studio is the place for you! Located right in Memorial Union, the Craft Studio provides you the space, tools and instruction to be creative and socialize with other crafty people. They even offer classes! Click here!

Buck's Ice Cream Place
What? You haven't been to Buck's?!? Well, then lace up your kicks and get ready, because you are in for a treat! Buck's provides premium ice cream that is made fresh right on the MU campus. You can't go wrong with their Tiger Stripe flavor! Mmmm... Click here!

Peace Park
Located at Elm and 6th Street, right on the MU campus, this beautiful park has a lot of history. During the Vietnam War, McAlester Park was a favorite place for anti-war demonstrations. After the Kent State massacre, the park was renamed Peace Park. The park is now the site of Columbia's Earth Day Celebration and according to the Mizzou Botanical Gardens, Peace Park is home to several trees that are over 150 years old! Click here!

Out & About

CoMo loves exploring Columbia and finding new places to hang out. These favorites might require a car or other transportation!

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
Just a 10 minute drive south of campus you will find Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. There are great hiking and biking trails and scenic picnic areas. You can even explore the Missouri's underground world by exploring the cave system and an underground stream! Click here!

Farmers Markets
CoMo loves fresh, local foods and luckily Columbia has numerous Farmers Markets to explore! There is a market located at the ARC that is open Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. There is also a market located near Forum and Nifong that is open on Thursday. These markets feature not only fresh fruits and vegetables, but also fresh baked goods, honey, flowers, and more! Click here!

The Big Tree
This tree has been through a lot in the past 350 years: 9-foot floods, tornados, and fires. Nestled between a two-lane road and swaying field of soybeans, the Big Tree is Missouri's largest and oldest oak tree and is just a 20 minute drive away from campus. Click here!

Ragtag Cinema
Who wouldn't love catching a great flick while lounging in their comfy couches and enjoying their delicious food? Ragtag Cinema is a community-supported, nonprofit theater that brings independent films and other arts to enrich the culture of Columbia. Not only do they show movies, they also host live music, theater, comedy, and poetry! Check out their calendar to see the latest films and events happening at Ragtag. Click here!


Arts and festivals are a great way to get a feel for the heart of the community. CoMo will show you a few festivals that you shouldn’t miss!

Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival
The annual Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival is always a blast! Music, street food, a BBQ contest, and a 10K/half marathon race make this festival the community event it has become. The festival proceeds even go to community music education! Just stroll on downtown September 9th and 10th to catch some of the fun. Be sure to buy your tickets from the website! Click here!

Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival
Later in the fall, CoMo loves to attend the Annual Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival. Halloween spirit is in the air, with decorations, arts and crafts, and everything pumpkin: carving, pie eating contests, hayrides through the pumpkin patch, and pumpkin painting! This year's festival is October 8 & 9 and just a 30 minute drive from campus. It's also totally bikeable from the Katy Trail! Click here for more information!

Artlandish Gallery
This great art gallery is located downtown on East Walnut Street. It recently expanded to include more galleries in the catacombs! Artlandish offers arts, crafts, antiques, art supplies, and hosts a variety of workshops. If you're really creative, you can even propose to teach your own workshop! Find out more right here!

Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Missouri
This FREE and accredited museum is located right here on campus in Pickard Hall! In fact, it is the only accredited museum of its kind in mid-Missouri! They showcase permanent and traveling exhibits, and have a Cast Gallery of plaster casts of famous sculptures. CoMo says you would be crazy to miss this great and free museum! Click here!

Arts and festivals are a great way to get a feel for the heart of the community. CoMo will show you a few festivals that you shouldn't miss!

  1. Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival
  2. Art in the Park
  3. Citizen Jane Film Festival
  4. Heritage Festival & Craft Show
  5. Columbia Eve Fest New Year's Eve Celebration
  6. Roots N Blues N BBQ
  7. True/False Film Fest


As a college student, CoMo knows it doesn’t get any better than FREE! Check out his favorites that won’t cost you a penny.

Columbia Public Library
Sure, the library has a ton of great books, but this one has much, much more! If books aren't your speed, the library also has tons of free DVD, CD, and video game rentals. The library also has an awesome art collection, including the yellow steel sculptures on the lawn. Click here!

Stephens Lake Park
CoMo loves going swimming in Stephens Lake Park! And there are so many pavilions and picnic tables to choose from when he is ready to stop for lunch with friends. It even has a hard-surface trail, sprayground, and sledding hill! Check out this great park that is just a 5 minute drive from campus. Or a longer walk, if you're up for it! Click here!

Shelter Gardens
Did you realize that behind the Shelter corporate office on Broadway, there lies five acres of gardens? Containing a waterfall, rock garden, Vietnam veterans' memorial, and even a garden for the blind, Shelter Gardens is a great space to relax, whether for a picnic or stroll. Click here!

Pinnacles Youth Park
Pinnacles Youth Park has been called a "hidden gem" and is a taste of the Rockies in Missouri. With 80-foot limestone formations, this private park is a great place to get out and explore 77 acres of outdoor space. There are several picnic shelters, but Pinnacles is also a favorite for rock climbers! Click here for more!