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Welcome to Off-Campus Student Services!

  1. Sublease
  2. Consultation

The Office of Off-Campus Student Services was created to help students who are currently, or considering, living off campus. Our goal is to provide students with the resources necessary to have positive off-campus experiences. We assist students with discovering the best living arrangements for their individual situations. We strive to promote a safe, fun, and healthy environment for students, as well as the overall Columbia community. Additionally, we provide educational information on things to consider before and after signing a lease.

Please follow these steps to schedule your meeting using MU Connect:
Go to http://muconnect.missouri.edu/. Select “Login Directly” or “Login through Blackboard” to login to MU Connect. Click “My Success Network” on the left side of the screen, type “Off-Campus” in the search bar, click on the Off-Campus Student Services Title to find members to schedule with. Scroll down to find members to make an appointment. Click schedule appointment links to view our calendars and schedule a date and time for your meeting. Once you schedule your meeting you will receive a confirmation email.