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Wellness Resource Center

Peer Educator Presentations

Mizzou Student Wellness Advocates (MUSWA) peer educators from the Wellness Resource Center are available to present educational programs to FIGs and Learning Communities, other residence hall communities, Greek chapters, and other groups.

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Alcohol Good, Alcohol Bad
Participants discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of alcohol, and learn how one can feel the positive effects of alcohol without experiencing the negative effects when they consume alcohol responsibly.

The Pouring Exercise
Through this interactive program, students learn that not all drinks are created equal, and that what they often think of as one "drink" is actually several drinks. The program also discusses the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and what to do if you suspect someone has alcohol poisoning.

The Virtual Bar
The Virtual Bar is an interactive computer program that shows the effects of alcohol on the body. Participants can decide whether to have the character "sip, drink, or slam" a variety of drinks and watch as its blood alcohol content (BAC) changes. The program also teaches participants to consider variables such as time, alcohol content, gender, and body weight when deciding to drink.

Women and Alcohol
Women can accomplish anything that men can, but when it comes to drinking, women and men are not created equal. The program discusses the effects alcohol has specifically on women, and ways that women can protect themselves.

Men and Alcohol
Learn how alcohol specifically affects men. In this program men will learn how alcohol affects their work outs, muscle building, metabolism, vitamin absorption, sex, and emotions!

21 Shots on Your 21st Birthday?
Happy 21st Birthday! Now what? Before you go out and celebrate, we invite you to learn how each shot can impact your body. Peer educators will discuss the dangers of drinking 21 shots and fun 21st birthday alternatives.

HAZE Alcohol Documentary
Has drinking ever left you in a haze? This documentary reminds us why we must constantly protect ourselves and those around us from binge drinking and alcohol poisoning. Leave this film screening and discussion feeling empowered to challenge the stereotypes associated with college drinking.

General Alcohol
This program gives all the facts that you need to know to ARM yourself if you choose to drink. This program will also focus on how to keep your friends safe, standard drink sizes, and protective behaviors.

Drinking Trends and Dangers
A new trend in drinking, this program focuses on the dangers of drinking on an empty stomach. This program will also touch on how alcohol affects the genders differently, as well as other drinking behaviors to watch out for.


Ready to quit? We can help!
Learn about the FREE services the Wellness Resource Center has to offer students, faculty, and staff who are interested in quitting smoking or using smokeless tobacco products.

Hookah Hazard
Learn the truth about Hookahs! Are they safer than cigarettes? Can you become addicted to hookahs? Does the water filter out the dangerous ingredients? Request this presentation to find out and learn how hookah smoking really affects your body.

Mizzou’s Smoking Policy
Want to know EVERYTHING about Mizzou’s smoking policy? We can help! Learn about Mizzou’s smokefree policy, the environmental benefits of this policy, and resources the Wellness Resource Center has to help people quit!

Safe Spring Break

Safe Spring Break *Combine with an alcohol program!*
This program features the information you need to know to have a spring break that is fun, memorable, and safe! Topics covered include: safe driving, alcohol safety, sun safety, predatory drugs, and fitness.

Nutrition and Fitness

Alcohol and Nutrition
Do you know how alcohol affects your health? Sink your teeth into this presentation to learn more about the nutritional aspects of alcohol - both positive and negative!

Programs cover a variety of topics including choosing healthy foods, portion size control, mindful eating, nutrition myths, easy and healthy recipes, and how to eat healthy in the dining halls.

Want to avoid the "Mizzou 22" without spending hours at the gym? Learn quick and easy exercises to stay fit on campus.

General Wellness

General Wellness
Learn how to be well in all areas in your life. Students will learn the importance of getting adequate sleep, balancing diet and exercise, reducing stress, and limiting the use of alcohol and tobacco.

Safe Driving
This presentation will give everyone easy ideas on how to keep themselves safe while driving. Topics covered include everything from speeding and seatbelt use to texting and drowsy driving. This program is interactive and will remind even the most experienced drivers how to drive safe and smart.

This program focuses on the need to take care of yourself! The presentation discusses the need to make time for emotional, physical, and mental health to keep your mind and body in the best possible condition. The program will give examples of ways to find the best kinds of self-care for you!

Get to know the WRC!
Peer educators will walk you through the services the Wellness Resource Center has to offer, including: tobacco cessation coaching, off campus living, wellness coaching, fitness coaching, nutrition consultations, Get to know CoMo, MU Mythbusters, and much more!

Life is Not a Spectator Sport
This interactive program will introduce the idea of bystander intervention - intervening in a situation to change the outcome for you and those around you. This program reminds us that life is not a spectator sport and that by drinking responsibly, stepping up to intervene in a bystander situation, and by being a good friend, we can all help make college a fun and safe experience.

Stress and Time Management

Stress & Time Management
College can be stressful trying to balance studying with all of your other extra activities. Identify what triggers stress and learn different ways to reduce your stress level in any situation.


Marijuana 101
This program is aimed at learning the truth about marijuana, how it affects your brain, body, and those around you. It also digs deep into the chemicals of marijuana and the legal repercussions of getting caught with the substance.

Prescription Drugs
Abuse of prescription drugs has reached epidemic levels across the country. Learn the dangers of non-medical use of prescription drugs, other tips for academic success, and other facts about prescription drug abuse.

Drugs on College Campuses
Although most college students do not use drugs, it is a reality to be educated on! Learn about drugs on college campuses, how to prevent drug abuse, and bystander intervention.

Body Image

Love Your Body
Love Your Body Week is annual celebration of body positivity, put on by the Women's Center! Occurring every Fall, The Love Your Body Festival is the highlight of the week long interactive programming. Click here to learn more!

Don't see the wellness issue you're looking for? Submit a request form above and we will create a program for you!

Wellness Resource Center Program Request FAQs

How do I request a program?
If you want to request a program from the Wellness Resource Center, click on one of the two program options at the top of the page. You can also view some of our commonly presented programs and choose which best fits your needs. Additionally, you can request a combination of programs or if we don't have something you want, we will be happy to create a program for you. Please be as detailed as possible in your request form.

When should I have my request in?
We'd like your request in two weeks before you want your program. That gives us enough time process your request, find a volunteer who is available and confirm date, time and location.

What if I need to cancel my program?
If you need to cancel your program, please inform the peer who volunteered to do your program. If you cannot reach them, please contact Trenton Ulveling at tnuf35@mail.missouri.edu or (573) 884-7532.

What if I need to reschedule my program?
If you need to reschedule your program, please let the peer who contacted you know that you need to cancel for the agreed upon date. If you cannot reach the peer, please contact Trenton Ulveling at tnuf35@mail.missouri.eduu or (573) 884-7532. This means that you need to resubmit a program request for the new date.

What if I requested a program and I haven't heard anything?
Someone from the Wellness Resource Center should have contacted you within a week of your program request submission, whether we are available to do your program or not. If it's been over a week and you haven't heard anything, please contact Trenton Ulveling at tnuf35@mail.missouri.eduu or call (573) 884-7532. (Please excuse holidays and breaks when students will not be in class).

How will the person presenting my program contact me?
We request our peers contact you thorough e-mail, that way everyone has a written record for future reference.

What kind of programs are offered by the Wellness Resource Center?
The WRC offers a wide variety of wellness presentations. You can find a complete list at the top of this page.