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Nicotine Cessation

Nicotine Cessation services are available to help you quit or reduce your use of nicotine products including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco, vape and juul.

Wellness Resource Center

The Wellness Resource Center offers 1:1 cessation coaching for students who want to stop using nicotine products. For more information, contact our office at 573-882-4634.

Student Health Center
The Student Health Center offers one-on-one visits with a medical provider. Physicians and nurse practitioners can prescribe cessation medications. As with other medical visits, insurance will be billed for the visit. Call 573-882-7481 to schedule an appointment.

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center (MU Health Care)

Quit Tobacco Now classes are open to anyone wishing to stop nicotine use. This program is offered four times per year at no cost. The program includes a 10-week class and free nicotine replacement therapy. To register, email or call 573-882-4289.

Boone County Health Department

Start your Juul-free, smoke-free life with this six-week online program offered through the Boone County Health Department. This free online program is designed to help college students quit nicotine. For more information, email