Wellness Resource Center
Wellness Resource Center

Recovery-focused Sober Housing

Mizzou is proud to now offer Recovery-focused Sober Housing on campus!
This new housing option is located in an area that provides privacy while still being centrally located within the larger residential community on campus.

rooms Recovery-focused Sober Housing gives students in recovery from alcohol or other substance use disorders the opportunity to meet and reside with other students living in, and committed to their recovery. Granted on a case-by-case basis, Recovery-focused Sober Housing will offer a higher level of support for these students in an environment that can be particularly challenging to young people in recovery. Working in conjunction with the Wellness Resource Center, Residential Life is committed to providing a bridge between college and recovery that allows students to have successful, enjoyable, and authentic college experiences while also maintaining and thriving in their sobriety.

Every effort will be made by both Residential Life and Wellness Resource Center staff to protect the anonymity of students in recovery living in this community. For this reason, Mizzou’s Recovery-focused Sober Housing is not labeled with any signs or posters. Currently space is allocated for up to 8 students in Discovery Hall, within double suite-style rooms with bathrooms in suite and a shared living room space. While Discovery Hall is a co-ed space, individual suites are not co-ed.

If you are a student in recovery and think this option may be a good fit for you, we encourage you to learn more by visiting reslife.missouri.edu/rates-amenities, and reviewing the Recovery-focused Sober Housing Agreement. It is the student’s choice to communicate with parents or loved ones about the decision to live in Recovery-focused Sober Housing. Residential Life and the Wellness Resource Center encourage students to have conversations about their housing choices with their family, sponsors, or other loved ones so that they can make the best choices to meet their needs with as much support as possible to ensure success in maintaining their sobriety throughout their time at MU.

How to apply for Recovery-focused Sober Housing:

  1. Visit reslife.missouri.edu/rates-amenities
  2. Read and acknowledge the terms and conditions of the community
  3. plan
  4. Select the “Assign Me Later” box when completing ROAR
  5. Contact Residential Life to request recovery housing placement

Residential Life, Main Office
0780 Defoe-Graham Hall
901 Hitt Street
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  2. Fax: (573) 882-3725
  3. reslife@missouri.edu

Wellness Resource Center
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