Sober in College
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What We Do

Sober in College hopes to bring students together to help strengthen their recovery and show the community that it is possible to have a fun and authentic college experience without the use of drugs or alcohol. Our stigma reducing approach is rooted in three different aspects of organizational involvement.


At Sober in College one of our three platforms is education. Through interactive peer education events, we hope to spread awareness on the topics of living a sober lifestyle, addiction/alcoholism, and recovery. We aim to normalize sobriety, mollify the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding recovery, and provide information about ways to be an ally both to sober individuals and those who wish to become sober.

Recovery Support Meeting

Through our weekly recovery support meetings, we provide support and discuss issues surrounding recovery. These meetings allow our members to meet with other students who are recovering and working through similar issues. In these meetings we offer a safe space for discussing our challenges and our successes, while fostering supportive relationships with other students in recovery.

Social Functions

Through the use of social events, we hope to build community both amongst sober individuals and their allies. Living a sober lifestyle does not mean that one cannot wholeheartedly enjoy their college experience. SiC encourages all people to enthusiastically experience our lifestyle through our social events.