Sober in College
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Who We Are

As an organization, Sober in College aims to provide a supportive community and a path to success by achieving balance in sobriety, education, and emotional well-being. SIC is welcoming of all people regardless of background, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender. At Sober in College functions and educational events, we promote a sober environment by enforcing our three main principles: willingness, honesty, and open mindedness. Through creating a community and fostering relationships we strive to help individuals conceive and maintain a sober lifestyle. Our members believe that by developing this lifestyle we can enthusiastically enjoy our college experience, maintain our sobriety, and feel welcome and included as a full member of the Mizzou family.

Three Branches of Membership

Our three branches of membership are set up for several different reasons. These are not meant to be labels, and are definitely not permanent. We feel that having three tiers allows students to experience recovery in a way that is comfortable for them. In many cases, students have joined Sober in College as an ally or an SNR member and transitioned into a more recovery focused lifestyle. Our members also believe that the three branches allow for each member of SiC to maintain more control over their personal anonymity. Publicly identifying as a member of Sober in College does not also mean that a member is stating that they are in recovery or part of a 12-step fellowship.

Sober in Recovery

Our members who are sober in recovery are students who are recovering from substance abuse and addiction. These members are usually also involved with 12-steps groups or treatment based recovery outside of the Mizzou. Sober in College is meant to be a supplement to other recovery programs not a replacement . We instead hope to provide an additional resource to help students to bridge the gap between life as a student and life in recovery.

Sober not Recovering (SNR)

Some of our members identify as “Sober but not in recovery.” These students may choose to be sober for any number of reasons such as a family history of alcoholism/addition, or for religious purposes.


In addition to students living sober lifestyles, Sober in College is also welcoming of anyone who is supportive of people who do choose to live sober. These students may for instance have a family member or significant other in recovery and come to our meetings to learn how to be more supportive of them.